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Why host an overseas student?

There are many reasons why a family might choose to host an overseas student and there are many benefits that can arise from the situation. For a starter, many families with children find that an overseas student can enrich their … Continue reading

When A Host Family Says, “Mi Casa Es Su Casa”, You Can Expect It to Mean the Same in Any Language

Around 10 years ago, accompanied only by my Sunday newspaper that I intended to read as always from back to front (football pages first!), I sat down at a table on the patio of my regular coffee shop in Marbella, … Continue reading

Find a host family in England

If you are trying to organize an English language course in England you have to choose from the incredible wealth of possibilities at your disposal. Making a choice that is both affordable and one to suit your needs is very … Continue reading

Come organizzare una vacanza studio in famiglia nel Regno Unito

Se desiderate imparare una seconda lingua, qualunque essa sia, una vacanza studio è certamente un opzione da tenere in considerazione. A seconda delle vostre necessità e possibilità economiche, potrete scegliere di passare la vostra vacanza studio in un college costoso … Continue reading

Host Families Can Be Friends Forever

I am a teacher of English as a second language and have travelled extensively throughout the Middle East and Asia, teaching in schools, colleges and universities. As you would imagine, I have come across countless stories of language students’ experiences … Continue reading

Things you should know about host families

A light hearted look at host families 1 Host families are generally not classed as ‘normal’! They open their house to a foreigner, whats more, it is occasionally to a person from another country they perhaps don’t know much about. … Continue reading

The Role of English Host Families when Learning a Foreign Language Abroad

There’s no doubt about it – English host families are the perfect solution. Learning a foreign language abroad is the best way to accumulate the native, local information and knowledge needed to become a fluent speaker of your chosen second … Continue reading