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Using English subtitles in film

In Portugal we have always had a habit of subtitling our films, series, or any other type of program, whether in film or television. When there was some novel or series recorded, it sounded bad to our ears; the voices … Continue reading

Using social media safely – Potential pitfalls for foreign students

Today, social media is big business and can be a wonderful way for overseas students to connect with friends and family at home and to forge new friendships in the UK. Social media can open up many gateways not only … Continue reading

Tips for learning about English social culture in the UK

The UK is well known for its rich history, steeped in vibrant social trends and local traditions and customs. For students who arrive in the UK wishing initially to learn the language, one of the best places to start can … Continue reading

Imparare l’inglese vivendo con una famiglia nel Regno Unito

Sia che abbiate una conoscenza di base della lingua inglese, sia che siate in possesso di certificati ottenuti in Italia, scoprirete ben presto che l’unico modo per imparare una seconda lingua, qualunque essa sia, è vivere sul posto e dialogare … Continue reading

The importance of establishing a good relationship between a host family and an international foreign student

  Life in the UK can take a little adjusting to, especially when you are used to a much different culture and climate. For overseas students, it is essential that their relationship with the host family is strong; for many … Continue reading

Trova una famiglia ospitante in Inghilterra

Se state cercando di organizzare una vacanza studio o un corso di lingua inglese in Inghilterra non avrete che la difficoltà` della scelta di fronte all’incredibile ricchezza di possibilità a vostra disposizione. Ma, nonostante questo, fare una scelta che sia … Continue reading

Colloquial English – How to get to grips with speaking English

Using informal English will make you sound more fluent, but it has to be current (not out or date) and appropriate to the region and age group. An Iraqi acquaintance used to say something was “awesome” when he meant very … Continue reading

When A Host Family Says, “Mi Casa Es Su Casa”, You Can Expect It to Mean the Same in Any Language

Around 10 years ago, accompanied only by my Sunday newspaper that I intended to read as always from back to front (football pages first!), I sat down at a table on the patio of my regular coffee shop in Marbella, … Continue reading

Days out which can maximise learning of the English language

UK culture is one of the most exciting and richly vibrant in the world, with the country’s long history and strong sense of identity. Many students come to Britain with prior knowledge about the events which have happened here and … Continue reading